The Showroom and NYCC

This past weekend was New York Comic Con. It was super fun, I met some new people and saw a bunch of toy people and artists. We got to paint on the wall of the showroom. This was one of the first time i did 'live painting'. I felt a little rushed and worried that i had too much beer already, but i'm happy with how it came out. I think i'm going to bring back the skelecore.

From left to right: Jose Garibaldi, Me, Jim Mahfood, and Joey Potts!

New Flyer

So this show happened a couple weeks ago, but i forgot to post it....

I really wanted to give adam fink bitch tits, but i just couldn't fit it in the composition! The type could be a little better, but i'm all together pretty happy with how it came out.

Best Monday there ever was...

On new years i made a resolution to update this blog atleast once a week, but it seems i'm keeping my gym resolution better then my blogging resolution. WACKY! So I'm going to post like 3 posts tonite to catch up.

First! and this is a super big deal. I was mentioned in the NY Times Book review in Kidrobot's "I Am Plastic" review! You can read the article here! I Am Plastic is the book Kidrobot put out of all the vinyl toys out there today. My Debatable Beasts are in there. You can check out the book at www.kidrobot.com.