New Drawings

I did some new pen and ink drawings for this new coloring book quarterly called Colorink. You can check them out here!I think the first issues are to come out in November.

I'm really happy with this new pen and ink styled i've been working with. I think i might make these into a notecard set or something nice like that. Check out the other 2!


Chumby Wumby

I just finished up this custom chumby. Whats a chumby? Its like an rss feeder/clock radio/bean bag. Its pretty fun stuff.
You can check out what chumby is all about here.

More pictures on my Flickr page. I'll have more/better pictures soon.


Places where you can see my work

So it seems I'm a little all over the place these days... Heres a list of places where you can see some of my paintings up and buy things. I'll be updating this list regularly!

Lady of the Sea and The Death of Winter are up on display at Rebar in DUMBO. I think they are up there for the rest of the month. They are my big paintings so go take a look!

My painting for Panorama 3, Mara, is up at the Jonathon Levine Gallery till October 4th.

Check out Fresthetic out in bushwack/williamsburg. I have the paintings Feeding Habits and Natural Habitat up on display and for sale, as well as some gilcee prints, zines and a few singed Chupas. Its a pretty neat little store and they print some sweet tee shirts. Baraklyn!



New painting! My contribution to The Panorama Project 3 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery! 134 artists, 1 continuous piece. Opening reception is on Saturday, September 6th from 7-9 pm.