I moved into my studio! The space is still in progress. I have some more shelves to put up and stuff to hang on the walls. But check out this sweet work bench I made: Big ups to ben for convincing me to build the table legs instead of coping out and just buying 2 saw horses.

Some in progress shots:

The Gowanus Studios


In need of some last minuete christmas gifts? The PEP Gallery in Brooklyn has transformed their space into a mini ARTMART featuring unique and handcrafted gifts, prints, zines, bags, t-shirts, ect. Get the rest of your holiday shopping done while supporting some talented people!

My Eye Tooth prints and Debatable Beasts zines and pin packs are available at ARTMART!

This Saturday, the PEP Gallery in Brooklyn will be hosting a holiday party/shopping event complete with snacks and hot cider! It goes all day from 12-6 pm, so be sure to stop by.
64 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205

More information can be found here: http://pepgallery.com/pages/news.html

If you can't make it down, or you live far away, my prints, zines, and pin packs are still available on my webstore


Upcoming! NOW! NOW! NOW!

Theres a couple upcoming things i am in. And they both happen on saturday!
a collection of works from 15 of New York City's Graffiti Artists, Photographers, Painters, and Free Spirits making up a new generation of beating hearts all in one Gallery on one evening under the Empire State.
FEATURING: Skewville, Dasco, Abe Lincoln Jr., Stephen Dackson, Kevin Bourgeois, Cory Bradley, shawn creeden, Sara Antoinette Martin, Bonnie Durham, Dejan Pavlovic, Rotating Gallery, Plasticgod, Heidi Greenwood, David Shillinglaw

Opening reception is this Saturday, December 1st, 7pm-onwards
At Resolution Gallery
19 West 36th Street, STUDIO 12N, 12th floor
bet 5th and 6th ave.

this event is brought to you by: OUR ART SITE DOT COM www.ourartsite.com

Also happening: ARTMART at the PEP gallery
"This holiday season PEP is transforming itself into the hippest, trendiest, most original boutique in Brooklyn. With ARTMART, PEP will be offering limited editions, multiples, and wearable art from some of our favorite artists. With tons of great pieces and prices starting at ten dollars you can do both!"

My Eye Tooth prints, debatable beast comics, and pin pack will be available here.
It opens this saturday, December 1st, but the Holiday Party is on December 15th.
PEP Gallery
64 Washington Ave
Brooklyn NY 11205


Prints now available!!

I just posted my 'Eye Tooth' Print on my webstore. Check it out over on skelecore!

Eye Tooth’ is 7×7 inches and printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper with archival pigmented ink. These prints have also been coated with a print shield to protect it from UV light, air pollutants and even moisture and fingerprints. Printed by the fine people over at Iolabs.
Limited to an edition of 50. Each print is signed, numbered and comes in an acid-free clear bag.


Fall Reception at the PEP Gallery

Downright closing party this friday!

Come celebrate the accomplishments of 40 incredibly talented artist and illustrators with the closing party for Downright curated by Jashar Awan. If you missed the opening, now is your chance to meet the artists, buy some tremendous works of art, and have some free beer. It can't get any better!

closing party Friday, Nov. 9th 7pm-9pm
Pink Elephant Projects (PEP)
64 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Friday Friday!

I have prints of my 'eye tooth' painting up for auction. Come on down and support Chief Mag!
RSVP is a must!

Oh hey, did you notice i finally fixed my banner?


Traveling through time

A couple of my drawings from the Draw-a-thon on 10-20-07. I really like the way these came out and i think i'm going to draw things on top of itself more.


Interview on Chief Magazine

(photo by victoria jacobs)

Chief Magazine did a really great interview on me. Check it out here


Peter Gatien Dunny

I designed the Peter Gatien Dunny for Kidrobot and their first ever Kidrobot Party Room at Gatien's (Tunnel, Limelight) new mega-club CIRCA in Toronto. The dunny will be available at CIRCA, the Kidrobot website, and I will have a couple artist samples available on my webstore.

Signed Peter Gatien dunnys will go up for sale on friday afternoon on my webstore for $35 each. In edition to being signed, each dunny will also come with a human sized eye patch and other secret goodies.

If you want to be notified when the dunny goes live, please sign up for my mailing list on my website here. The link to the mailing list is on the bottom of the splash page.



You can buy my zines and pin packs! At the end of the week i will unveil the Peter Gatien Dunny! Prints are coming soon!
WOW WOW http://store.skelecore.com WOW WOW

New Painting!!!

Downright Dispicable

This is my peice for the 'Downright' show at the PEP gallery. Opening reception is on October 5th from 8-10 pm at 64 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (Near Pratt, past the BQE between Park and Flushing).
Its a really cute gallery on a surprizingly happenin' block. Unfortunatly i won't be there, but that shouldn't stop YOU from coming out!

Here are some more images:



I am in this show coming up! The reception is on October 5th. There are alot of really great people in it, in fact i would say that it is garunteed to be ausome.


Everything is still hazy...

Workspace/ shit i'm working on
I'm excited to move out of my kitchen and into the gowanus studios next month! Check out thier website. I'm really excited to be a part of thier organization. Plus i think i belong on the gowanus canal.

I'm finally starting to feel caught up on life, and overwhelmed by it at the same time. I still have to get going on the cake toppers for my bff's wedding.....


Summer is over

The month of august was nuts for me... I worked comic con! Then i went to LA! Then i went on art-cation at the Race Point Summer Artist Colony/Residency. Then I spent the rest of the month catching up on work and life.
Race point was in Maine near Lubec, right on Cobscock Bay. There was no running water or electricity. We listened to alot of canadian radio, which turned me on to space elevators. Seriously, elevators to space. Its gonna happen. I made this painting there. Its not really finished. We also did alot of silly collabortive drawings.

You can check out more pictures on my flickr page!
There are also pics from Comic Con, LA and flowers at the getty. ...and dumb shit like this:
Be warned, some of the pictures from race point contain nudity (but not of me!).



In a couple of hours i'll be getting on a plane to San Diego with my fellow kidrobots to attend comic con! I'll be at booth 4629 most of the time. ALSO I will be photo blogging on the brand new Kidrobot Flickr page. You can follow my comic con follies here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kidrobotrules/


Check it!

Check out these shoes i just finished.
I photographed them on a pile of bait under one of the marsh bridges near my parents house. I got a couple mosquito bites.


Physalius and his Magical Gill Ship

So this is what i've been doing the past 2 weeks. I am the master of the 4:30 am.
Anyway i finally finished it today! I was asked to try my hand at Kidrobot's new Mini Munny Mobile and here it is.

Physalius and his Magical Gill Ship

Physalius (named after the portuguese man-o-war...totally bad ass), cruises around the ocean floor looking for treasure and pearls. He's a cold blooded killer who would do anything for spanish gold, so hide your shiney things.

Here's some more pictures:

Physalius is available for purchase. Please email me if interested.


Mini Munny Mobile! in progress!

This is what i've been working on this week! Kidrobot's new Mini Munny Mobile!
Some in progress shots:

Pre-sanding Post sanding One of the accessories this munny kit comes with is a bubble dome. Unfortuatly i've discovered the fins i built on the munny are too big to fit the dome on. So tonite i have a date with a dremel and i'm going to sink the floor of the car.


New Painting!

I just finished this painting for a charity postcard project, 24Cents.
The goal of the project, called 24Cents, is to provide a venue for artists and designers to use their talent as a positive social tool, raising awareness about a relevant issue while maintaining a strong sense of personal style and voice. The project will benefit Urban Word NYC.



Ourartsite.com interviewed me. It just posted! Read about how i like draw guts and other stuff here
While your there, check out the site. Its pretty neat. I made a profile and I think they are trying to be like an art-myspace.


New Zines Available!!!

This weekend I will be heading to boston for one of my favorite things ever, The Boston Zine Fair (formally Beantown Zinetown)! My good friend Chris and I are starting an 'umbrella' label called Skelecore! to sell our zines, prints, and go to conventions with. Come visit us Boston Zine Fair! March 24th and 25th at the Pozen Center at Mass Art. Go to www.bostonzinefair.org for more information.

Available Now!
The Dating Habbits of the Debatable Beasts. Deluxe Edition $10
4 mini-comics! Find out how each beastie finds that special someone. The set includes The Dating Habbits of the Loch Ness Monster, Snowman, Kraken, and Chupacabra.
Each cover is hand silk screened by yours truely on Fabriano Ingres and bound with love. Love!
Non-Deluxe Edition $8
Same as above except the covers are hand silkscreened covers on sleek gray cardstock.

Beastie Button 4 pack in color $3
Beastie Button 4 pack in white $3
Kraken Button 2 pack $2 We are in the process of setting up a webstore, but in the meantime just email me at saradisaster@gmail.com to order. Or come see us at the zine fair!


The Debatable Beasts in Sweden

I was interviewed for an article in the swedish newspaper, Expressen. They used a picture of my Little Zerster munny. Its pretty cool but i can't read it! I think they wrote a whole 2 paragraphs on me. You can check it out here


The Showroom and NYCC

This past weekend was New York Comic Con. It was super fun, I met some new people and saw a bunch of toy people and artists. We got to paint on the wall of the showroom. This was one of the first time i did 'live painting'. I felt a little rushed and worried that i had too much beer already, but i'm happy with how it came out. I think i'm going to bring back the skelecore.

From left to right: Jose Garibaldi, Me, Jim Mahfood, and Joey Potts!