Last weekend I checked out body worlds at the Boston Science Museum. I did a couple sketches. I really want a human brain to just sit around and draw. It was hard to draw brains while people were bumping into you. You just get lost in the folds.


New Paintings, I Am Plastic, and general life update

I have two new paintings up at the Aiden Savoy Gallery through December 9th. Its a really great show and for a good cause.

The Aiden Savoy Gallery is located at 175 Stanton Street, New York, NY
You can check out a review of 'A piece Apart' on CultureCatch.com

I've forgotten to mention that the debatable Beasts have a double page spread in Kidrobot's 'I Am Plastic'! (Also, I am not credited, but I did take some of the pictures in that book.) Its pretty awesome. You can pick up a copy at www.Kidrobot.com

...In other news: As you can see from my last post I was apartmentless and couch surfed for a month, but now I am happily settled in Greenpoint, which I love. I moved in with my friend, Mr. Bankshot! of Bankshot! Records, and I have a huge kitchen, tin ceilings, and a nice bodega grocery where I can get fresh perogis 24 hours a day.
So for the month of October, blame 'settling in' on the lack of updates, November I was just a little lazy, but December is here and I have made a resolution to update this blog at least once a week. I'm doing a big website update with all the new paintings and a lot of inked things that are not up there.
I'm working on a banner for this bloggy blog. Does anyone know of a good blog editor? The look of this blog is pretty boring.
Also I want to make some prints of something. I might just make something new or pick something recent. I'm thinking the rocket fingers piece would make a nice print. Any input is appreciated.
I'm working on some new mini comics!
I'm trying to buckle down and really produce some stuff so check back soon!


Goodnight, Surfs Up...

...So if I seem like i have disapeared in the next couple weeks its because i'll be couch surfing untill i can find a good apartment. yup it sucks. But you know, now i know, never move in with your boyfriend becuase its convient.


Antagonist Art Movement

Come down to the Niagara Bar this thursday, August 17th for the Antagonist Movement one night art show! I'll be showing a bunch of paintings. I think most of the other artists are photographers. Theres also bands playing, but i've never heard of any of them so they might be terrible. But stop by anyway! I'll be there!


Rocket Fingers

On Saturday i went out into the heat wave, on my bike, to pick up some artwork from my old teacher Jordin Isip from some gallery shows i was in. I never got to scan this one because I just plain forgot to before I dropped it off, so I thought I would post it now. I really like this piece. As I've been just sort of churning out stuff out and getting it done last minute, I've realized that I don't get to enjoy my own artwork. I finish it and then its gone. I don't have anytime to enjoy it. This is something that I have to work on. Its just another reason not to work up to the last minuet. I mean I don't put things off to the last minute, but like in the case of the tentacle lady, sometimes I start things that I don't have enough time to finish.

So the reason for picking up this artwork is because I am going to be showing work in Niagara Bar on August 17th, one night only, from 8pm till the bar closes. I think there are 6 artists showing in all and like 2 bands playing so it should be a good time.


COMIC CON, a recap

So its already thursday night and i'm still not recovered from comic con. All i want to do is sleep! Anyway, heres some brief coverage of the con. I have a bunch of pictures from the L Street Gallery show, so be sure to scroll down! : D

We (the kidrobot crew) arrive in San Diego without too much gripe. I slept most of the plane ride, even though i had a middle seat, which made it go pretty quickly. I sort of mastered the art of sleeping on the tray table. We checked into the hotel and head to the convention center to set up. Out hotel was basically across the street from the airport...very far from the convention center.

Here we are all set up with an untouched 6 foot high chalkboard munny.
And here i am getting that party started
They are smelly armpit monsters
Preview night ended and we had to SEARCH the gaslamp area for a place that served food after 9. Seriously what restraunt closed its kitchen at 9...

Thursday we had the craola signing at the booth and then it was off to the L street gallery! My friend Mike Barry made it out to SDCC too. I went to the con with him and some other Pratt kids last time. It was good to see him and we got some ice cream and went to the gallery. me and my lady. I was so relieved she got there in one piece. Sort of. But its only things that i would notice I suppose. Heres some other things on display. I didn't get everything, but I suppose i'm not the best documentarian. Chris Ryniak and Tristan Eaton lego creations. Micheal Uman of Intraspectacular. Sket One's Huck Gee's Brian Morris (ooo000ooo is his internet name) Dave Pursue MAD The Gonzos Jim Koch Adrew Bell Alex Pardee Thanks to Wheaty Wheat for putting on the show. I also got to meet the curator of the gallery, Nicole, who was super nice!
Heres some pictures of the Munny at the end of the convention. Me and Frankenberry After breaking down the booth we had a fancy dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was real classy when the food came out and we all took pictures of our plates. ha! So that was comic con 2006. I didn't actually finish this blog untill sunday. Thats how much i wanted to sleep all week. But after hanging out all day in the air conditioning with the heat wave outside, I think i'm finally recovered.



I am still in san diego. Comic con was good, but i'll talk about the actual even later. I just wanted to post pictures of the finished tentacle lady! Tentacle Lady Hates Your Children The piece got there ok. Just a couple things that only i notice. But it will be on display all month at the L street gallery!


More progress...

So on Sunday I had to attend the big show at Hank's Saloon (I don't have any full weekends to work on this project anymore. It sucks. And adam is making me go to a mets game. Not just one, but a fucking double header. god damnit. At least its not the yankees. Those guys are douchbags. Anyway...) because Adam put it on and i made the flyer. So yeah of course i had to go. It was sort of an all day thing, but i didn't show up until 7 because i was working on the project.

So i set up a spray booth on my fire escape and i primed the bus, the clown people and i was going to do the farm animals but it started to drizzle so i brough it inside. I stained the platform that Tentacle Lady sits on (its only made of balsa wood. I love treating fake stuff like its real). Its going to get a nice layer of shellac too (cuz thats how i roll). I want to put doillies along the side, like just the edges of them. I have a bunch and i'm a big fan but theres a cake supply store right next to my job. So i went in there today hoping that they would all sorts of crazy doillies, but they didn't. I guess there is only one kind of doillie. Who knew doillies were so standardized....

Tonite, after the exterminator came and eating dinner, i started bulking out the tentacle lady frame. Its coming along nicely. I broke one of the legs of the balsa stand. Fuckin' tape. But its totally fixable.

These fucking bugs....I moved into an apartment infested with bed bugs. They were in the walls. This is another thing i have to deal with. Anyway, the exterminator came today to do a follow up, but i think i just got bit from the chair i'm sitting in....uhhg!
Living in brooklyn, I've delt with every kind of pest, but bed bugs are by far the worst. Way worse then cockroaches. Its bad because they bite you, and the bites are all welt-like and itch worse then anything. I think the bites get worse as the bug grows older. I just found a bite on my leg, but its really small. Uhg my skin is crawling.

Its 3:30 AM. I was going to ramble on about how much i like working with magic sculpt, but maybe next time. I think i'm going to get back to work.

Back in the Day

Comic con is coming up fast! I'm going to be in this show and I'm going crazy to get it all done. Its a group show featuring nostalgia based custom toys and paintings. More information can be found here! I'm going to 'customize' Fisher Price little peoples. Except I'm going to do this whole sculpture thing. I'm actually really freaking out about it because I don't have a lot of time left, but it has to get done. And because I like to make it complicated I've decided to document my process here!

This is what I had before I went back to Long Island on Saturday for Robyn's graduation:
Tentacle Lady armature
As you can see 'Tentacle Lady' is driving a little people's bus. Then we have the little people. I also have a couple farm animals that I'm not sculpting over. Anyway, the peoples are all wearing bathing caps. I haven't decided If they are going to have faces or just skull faces. They are going to be her minions.

So I took some stuff back to my parents house so I could work on somethings. I started to make more 'bathing caps' in the dining room and as my family arrived, I proceeded to explain what I was doing about 10 times. I don't think anyone really got it. But they're used to this sort of thing by now.


So this is my first blog posting. I'm still trying to get a handle on the format. Its not as easy as myspace.....eh. Anyway I thought i would start things off by posting some recent work.
A recent illustration i did for BUST magazine. It is published in the June/July issue.
A skateboard i did in March And heres some recent flyers and album art!