Back in the Day

Comic con is coming up fast! I'm going to be in this show and I'm going crazy to get it all done. Its a group show featuring nostalgia based custom toys and paintings. More information can be found here! I'm going to 'customize' Fisher Price little peoples. Except I'm going to do this whole sculpture thing. I'm actually really freaking out about it because I don't have a lot of time left, but it has to get done. And because I like to make it complicated I've decided to document my process here!

This is what I had before I went back to Long Island on Saturday for Robyn's graduation:
Tentacle Lady armature
As you can see 'Tentacle Lady' is driving a little people's bus. Then we have the little people. I also have a couple farm animals that I'm not sculpting over. Anyway, the peoples are all wearing bathing caps. I haven't decided If they are going to have faces or just skull faces. They are going to be her minions.

So I took some stuff back to my parents house so I could work on somethings. I started to make more 'bathing caps' in the dining room and as my family arrived, I proceeded to explain what I was doing about 10 times. I don't think anyone really got it. But they're used to this sort of thing by now.

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