Eel Skull Serigraph

Just in time for holiday shopping! My Eel skull drawing is now available as an oversized silk screened print!

19.5" x 26" on light green archival drawing paper.
Limited edition of 30.
Signed and numbered.

Silk screened them myself and only $25 bones!

Get them on Skelecore while you still can!

Ladies, Ladies! Art Show

Ladies, Ladies! Art Show
Featureing the art of 50 women tattooers

Tattoo Culture
129a Roebling St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Opening reception: Dec 10th, 2010 7-11 PM

I will have a painting in a show of lady tattooers! How cool is THAT.


Ghastly Pin Up Drawing

"Sweater Weather"
Ink on Arches Watercolor Paper

I made this drawing for the "Peep Show PinUps" show at Hope Gallery Tattoo. Its available for sale here: Peep Show PinUps
More Info: Hope Gallery

Ouija Tee Design

Here's a recent tee design I did for Mishka NYC. It was printed in 3 colors.


Go Music Video

Its finally out! 'Go' by Bobby Blue featuring artwork and costumes by me! Directed by my friend Ian Cinco. This labor of love is more of a short film them music video. Please enjoy it!

You can check out some production photographs on my flickr page.


Production photos and costumes from Go video!

I just posted a bunch of photos from the Go video shoot on my flickr page!

More info on the video and release party in my previous post.

I am really proud of my costume designs. Its pretty magical seeing one of my ladies literally come to life. It was a long big project and the end result is really spectacular. Our director, Ian turned my basic concept into a short film. Its truly and epic music video.
I posted a couple below but be sure to check out the full photo set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sara-land

The video will unfortunately not be released online for a while... All the more reason to come out to the screening/release party! More info in my previous post!


Go Video Release

I worked on this really cool music video. It involves robots, full body spandex, and big fake eye lashes. Come to the release! Video release for the new single 'Go' by Bobby Blue

written and directed by Ian Cinco

features costumes and art by sara antoinette martin

and stars bobby blue - listen to his music below

in addition to the new music video for ‘go,’ sara will be selling prints and other art we will screen one of Ian's old music videos – a couple of bobby’s old music videos and bobby will also be performing an acoustic set

so please join Ian, bobby blue and sara antoinette martin for a very special evening

huckleberry bar
588 grand st. (@lorimer)
brooklyn, ny 11211


Nekromantix Poster

I got to do a poster for the Nekromantix show at the Bell House.
Client: Rebel Angel Productions

Instead of fooling around with digital color, I straight up painted this design. I'm really happy with how it came out. The original is actually a pen and ink drawing and colored with oil washes. Its a new method I think I'll be doing more of for illustration jobs.

Anyway, we decided to print up a run of posters!
18"x24" Lithograph Poster Print!
Limited to 200, signed and numbered.
Only $10!

Now up for pre-sale!


New Stuff for the Renegade Craft Fair!

This is just SOME of the new things I'll have at the Renegade Craft Fair!
The Blood Dragon hand gilded Giclee
13" x 16" and printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 gsm Etching paper with archival pigmented ink. Each one is hand painted, by me, with gold pigments for extra depth and sparkle! $80

These are also available for pre-order on skelecore

Eyes Wide Serigraph
15" x 22" one color serigraph on warm tone Stonehenge printmaking paper. Signed and numbered out of 30. $25
These will be available on-line after the fair

New Gocco Cards!
$5 each.

Knitted Boob Pillows
I will only have very few of these available. They are hand made and totally labor intensive.. Various colors and two sizes... including Alien Boob!

The Renegade Craft Fair will be held on June 5th + 6th from 11am – 7pm in McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn!
I will be at booth 130 which is near the corner of Union and Bayard. I'm sharing the booth with Dollsville NYC.

MORE INFO: The Renegade Craft Fair


Inked Magazine

I was in the April issue of Inked Magazine!

Welcome to Sara Land
By Lisa Freedman
Inked Magazine, April Issue 2010
Photograph by SASPHOTOS

Sara Antoinette Martin's art is so hard to categorize that she'd rather not even try. "I'd hyst tell them to Google me," the Brooklyn artist says when aske to explain her style to someone who's never seen it. The trusty search engine didn't clarify things. " Her work is a conversation of emotions and reflections of how she sees herself in this world and how the world sees her," her site, sara-land.net explains. She creates each element - usually stemming from religious icons, alchemical symbols, imaginary sea creatures, and more - individually and then regroups them to form a wacky-slash-creepy collage. " I view myself as a filter," she says. "I take all my influences, filter them through myself, and spit them back out as a mishmash of symbols to illustrate complete emotions."

When it comes to her owns tattoos, though, she doesn't like to be the one doing the creating. Her biggest tattoo, a thigh piece by Eli Quiters of Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn, portrays a giant squide battling a whale on a pirate shop under a thunderstorm. She says she usually brings him an idea or a basic sketch and lets him run with the theme rater than replicate her work. "I'd get tired of looking at my own stuff every day. Or get mad at myself that I didn't do a better job."

While her work has been featured everywhere from Kidrobot to Chumby (the adorable Wi-Fi device), Martin is still trying to figure out her next move. She left her photography gig at Kidrobot in July of 2008 when she had a slew of toy designs coming out - then the recession he. Although she works part-time as an artist assistant for Tara McPherson and is getting into textile design as a way to make money, she really wants to focus on fine art. "I need to figure out how I'm gonna survive being as artist.: (Note to readers: Got to http://store.skelecore.com and buy a thing or three!) Another gig she had entertained: learning how to tattoo.

"I think I'd be good at it," she says, "though after talking to people I realize it's a whole other universe of art making." For now, her goal is to work as an apprentice or a shop girl to get more exposure. She acknowledges it'll be at least a few years of hard work - but he, at least she already knows how to draw.


The Renegade Craft Fair!

I have a booth at Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn this year!
I'm hard at work reprinting she skull comics and making lots of new prints and gocco cards! Plus I'll have a limited amount of mini boob pillows!
I'll be announcing all the new print releases soon. There will most definitely be a pre-order on the skelecore store for those of you who will not be attending the fair!


Booth Info:
The Renegade Craft Fair will be held on June 5th + 6th from 11am – 7pm in McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn!
I will be at booth 130 which is near the corner of Union and Bayard. I'm sharing the booth with Dollsville NYC.

MORE INFO: The Renegade Craft Fair


I Need Your Skull at MF Gallery

Opening Party: Saturday May 22, 7-10PM
On view until June 20, 2010
MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

I'm working on an AWESOME drawing for this show! Buy some art to help MF build a giant skull facade!!


MF Gallery is excited to present our newest show: "I Need Your Skull", In this show, over 30 international artists were asked to present a piece depicting a human skull... All the money raised from sales of the skull art will be used to build a giant skull on the facade of the MF Gallery building.

Skulls have long been used in art as symbols of mortality, religion, eternal life, rebellion, fear, poison and more. The skulls in "I Need Your Skull" are realized in a variety of different styles and mediums. Photo realistic skulls, gruesome skulls, cartoon skulls, psychedelic skulls, dark skulls and colorful skulls. From morbid to cute, 3D or flat, these skulls are made in a variety of materials from marble to paper; and were created by a group of diverse artists, some who use skulls as the subject matter for their normal work, and some who were asked to create a skull piece just for this show.

The artists include: Jenny Bird Alcantara, Annie Aube, Nicoz Balboa, Dave Brockie, Candy, Fernando Carpaneda, Gene Coffey, Matt Dickson, Dennis Dread, Kirsten Flaherty, Christina Graf, Guicho, Death Head, Scott Holloway, Lance Laurie, Mike Maas, Drew Maillard, Sarah Antoinette Martin, Angie Mason, Rodrigo Melo, MCA, Chris Peters, Porkchop, Riot Queer, Ed Repka, Lou Rusconi, Frank Russo, John Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Chad Savage, Anna Semenova, Joe Simko, James Wrona, Genevive Zacconi & More...

Our dream for the new MF Gallery in Brooklyn (A.K.A. The "Fortress MF") has always been to adorn the facade with a 20 foot 3-D skull. Made of fiberglass or a similar material, it will be reminiscent of an old Spook House ride, and would make The Fortress MF an unmissable Brooklyn Landmark! This is a big project that has been in the planning stages for a long time, but one that we have not yet been able to realize due to time and monetary constraints.

"I Need Your Skull" will help to make MF Gallery's Giant Skull Project a reality! All of the proceeds from this show will go towards building the giant skull. As a part of this show, we will be revealing concept sketches for the construction of the "Fortress MF Skull" for the very first time!

Please join us for a rock n roll Opening Party on Saturday May 22, from 7 to 10 pm. Many of the artists will be present, and refreshments will be served. Admission is free and open to all ages. The art in "I Need Your Skull" will be on view until June 20, 2010 and will also available for viewing and purchasing online at: www.MFgallery.net. Come buy some skull art and help us build our giant skull... We Need Your Skull!!!

Friends + Family Group Exhibition

Process will be hosting it's second group exhibit, entitled FRIENDS + FAMILY starting May 22nd at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn NY! The exhibition features an amazing collection of artists!

Artists Include:
Scott Albrecht, Sara Antoinette Martin, RJ Calabrese, Damien Correll, Matthew De Leon, Martina Fugazzatto, Damian Genuardi, Andrew Keiper, Ian Kuali’i, Jesse LeDoux, Abe Lincoln Jr., Blake E. Marquis, Garrett Morin, Lv Ruiz, Malena Seldin, Damion Silver, Eric Smith, Dave Trawin, Kain Vuong, Grover Watts,Christine Young

Show Dates:
May 22 – June 12, 2010
Opening Reception May 22, 7PM

The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th street,
Brooklyn, NY 11215

MORE INFO: Process


Small Favors

Opening March 27th at GRNY, Small Favors is a big (close to 70 artists) group show of small scale artworks. It's going to be an absolutely fantastic show, the artists list alone guarantees that.

Preview: Giant Robot Flickr preview

Heres a preview of some of my drawings for the show on Flickr!


SCOPE Art Fair and Jackie Paper Art Machine

I made a series of tiny lucha ladies in watercolor for the Jackie Paper Art Machine debuting at SCOPE New York Art Fair!

More about Jackie Paper: http://www.jackiepaperart.com/
(Best name ever, btw!)

SCOPE is going on March 3rd to 7th. More Info: http://www.scope-art.com/

Heres a photo of one of my capsules in the Jackie Paper Art Machine. Its a capsule toy machine filled with tiny pieces of artwork that you can own for only $1!


Your Burning Up My Heart - Pop-Up Valentines

I've been playing around with watercolors a lot lately and I've been getting better at every project. For Valentines Day I decided to try my hand at pop-ups!
I cut out my burning heart illustration and mounted it on an "unequal angle fold". I also created a moire pattern spinner in the background. I mounted some patterned paper on the cover, hiding the folds and tabs.

More pictures (and video!) below.
I've also posted some process pictures up on flickr!

Pop-Up Valentine from Sara Antoinette on Vimeo.

The Boob

I've been having a very crafty winter! I knitted up this breast pillow for my friend who just had a baby. Its my first really close friend to start having kids, so I wanted to make her something both functional and hilarious.
Behold! The Boob: This is a slightly modified pattern from http://bleuarts.blogspot.com
I've had such a huge response from this. Everyone seems to love it! Really, who doesn't love boobs? I've already knitted a hat version and I want to knit a bunch of small ones to fill up my couch. I dream of relaxing in a sea of knitted plush tits...
More pictures below!


Art of Zines 2010 Photos

Art of Zines 2010, originally uploaded by AstroGirl.

Photos from the Art of Zines exhibit at Anno Domini are up on Flickr! Check them out here

The exhibit is up until March 13th.


Watercolors and Cats

I've been working on my watercolor skills. This is a portrait of Reggie. Its an exorcise in watercolor and ink wash.
Anyone interested in a cat portrait?


ART OF ZINES 2010 at Anno Domini

I love zines! I'm happy to be a part of this show! Go check it out west coasters! Opening Reception: First Friday, February 5, 2010 from 8 p.m. 'til late

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design
366 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

MORE INFO: http://www.galleryad.com

20/10 Vision opening

Photos courtesy of Gallery Hanahou's photo stream

The opening for 20/10 Vision was PACKED for the entire opening! Lots of great art on the walls and I got to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. I participated in the live drawing (photos below) which is still up for auction! 100% of the money raised from the collaborative drawing will be donated to the relief effort in Haiti. So get bidding!

20/10 Vision will be up until February 19th. Portions of all sales go to the relief effort in Haiti, plus you can still bid on the collaborative drawing.
More info about the drawing here: CWC Blog
All of the artwork is up for sale up here: Gallery Hanahou
Check out pictures from the opening here: Gallery Hanahou Flickr

And here is my piece for the show!