El Chupacabra comes out August 14!

I'm excited to annouce the release of my first vinyl toy, El Chupacabra, from the Debatable Beasts project!

The origins of El Chupacabra can be traced back to the island or Puerto Rico, but sighting have been reported throughout Mexico, Central America, and Miami. El Chupacabra is mild mannered with a cheery disposition, but when hungry he must feed on the blood of goats to survive. He is deeply ashamed of his vampiric ways and avoids human contact for fear of persecution.

These figures are super limited and come in 2 colorways, Regular (500) and Ghost Edition (250). These will only be available from Kidrobot stores and website. I will have a few available on my webstore with an exclusive print and zine set to be announced.
The signing will be at the Kidrobot NY Store on Thursday, August 14th. There will be another exclusive print give-a-way and maybe some more surprises! Its going to be great. Everyone will be there!

More details coming soon, but in the meantime you can check out more pictures on Flickr!

Fan Fart

Nick drew me a little Chupa-fink while we ate at San Loco. I think its super neat!


Sketches from Amsterdam

Although i don't have any pictures from amsterdam, I do have my sketchbook! So heres some selected pages from my trip!


Big Change

I just want everyone to know that i am currently blogging from a beach house on fire island. Not having a day job is AUSOME.

About that day job... Last friday was my last day as the product photographer for Kidrobot. I worked there for over 3 years! Although I will miss seeing all my wonderful friends and co-workers everyday, I'm looking forward to working WITH Kidrobot as an artist.


Back in america!

I just flew back from amsterdam and boy are my arms tired. (HA)
Anyway i had a really great trip. The Custom Kicks sneaker event was really fun and i got to meet artists from all over europe.
Amsterdam is a beautiful city and i took lots of pictures and then left my camera on the air plane. Surprisingly, I'm not that upset over it. Maybe its because i want a new camera, but i am dissapointed about loosing all the pictures from the Custom Kicks event, St. Bavo's Church, and the tattoo artist i traded my chrome messenger bag for a new tattoo.

As for the sneaker event, Luckily some of the other artists have posted pictures on thier flickr pages! (The photo above is from philipp) yay! And coming soon there should be some sick video coverage.
Check it:
Philipp's Flickr
MAKI's Flickr
And heres a youtube clip!

Freedom rides a bicycle
I really like traveling alone. There were a few times when i felt like people thought i was weird having a beer in cafe alone, but whatever. And there were a few things i would of done if i had a friend with me. I felt way to silly to do the erotic museum alone.
Sketch diaries
I want to do a bicycle tour of europe. Maybe just France and Italy.
I traded my messenger bag for a tattoo!
Half the time i felt like i was on another planet.
Van Gogh is kinda lame