Merry Christmas!

I made this house for my mom's christmas town. Its a balsa wood model of the house they built and just moved into.
I posted a bunch of pictures on flickr of all the food I ate over the holiday. yeah!


Chumbys Rollin' along!

I'm up to the detailing part! Its kinda my favorite part, so hopefully it should go a bit faster.
Check out more pictures on Flickr!

Fresh Produce Pictures

Photo courtesy of ©Anno Domini gallery, 2008
Fresh Produce opened last week! There are lots of pictures up on flickr here and here. It looks like there was a good turnout! I really like Ryan Bubnis's square head paintings.

They have put most of the works up for sale on-line. Maybe you'll find some last minute holiday gifts!


Recent works at Tattoo Culture

I'm proud to announce that I will be showing some recent works at Tattoo Culture on December 20th! Its a little short notice, but its going to be really great.

Sara Antoinette Martin and Richard Meyer at Tattoo Culture I'll be showing a whole bunch of recent paintings, new pen and ink drawings and there will even be some prints for sale.
The opening is on saturday, dec 20th from 7-10 pm.
Tattoo Culture
129a Roebling St.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Colorink issue 1 out now!

I just got my copy of the Color Ink Book. Its a coloring book featuring lots-o-underground artists and its only 10 bucks! You can check it out here.
I posted the drawings I did for it back here.


Oh the plan!

This is what I am painting on the Chumbys! Again, you can follow this project on flickr!

Drawing transfered

I've finally finished transfering the design on all of the Chumbys. Because Chumbys have a soft body, and the seams are all a little different, I couldn't use any tracing tools on them. I had to draw the design freehand on all 6. This is the most cumbersome part for me. The rest should go faster!

Check out more pictures of my custom-in-progress on flickr!


Next Project! Chumby!

Look what just arrived!
I little while ago, I posted pictures of a custom Chumby I had painted. (you can check out that post here) Whats a Chumby? Its like a clock radio/bean bag/rss feeder and more! Its better explained on the Chumby website, but you can do things like listen to pandora, read blogs, facebook, check email, play games, ect. Its definitely a fun gadget (christmas??) and exciting new platform. The people at Chumby designed their product to be easily mod-ed and encourage using chumby in creative ways, as seen on their forums and community pages.

Anyway, I am about to customize a series of 5 Chumbys that will be sold through the chumby website. I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll be documenting it right here on on my flickr page. Hopefully I will be able to even develop some of my own widgets! I'm shooting to finish these customs before Christmas.

Oh hey, this is my 100th post!


Fresh Produce

I am participating in the 8th annual "Fresh Produce" show at AD Gallery in San Jose, California. The show opens on December 5th and features tons of small works and prints, perfect for gift giving!
This above is "Lady Head #1", the rest of the paintings I have in the show are posted below. Check it out!


Google loves me

So I guess I've been googled enough to get a little reconized pop up thing. Pretty awesome! Also, while googling myself, it was revealed to me that my power animal is the Hawaiian Monk Seal..


new paintings

I'm working on a couple of small paintings for the Fresh Produce show in San Jose, CA. Lots of lady heads. More info on the show coming soon!


New pin packs!

Brand new pin pack up on my webstore! I also made new packaging for the beastie pin packs. Check it out on Skelecore.
Also, I'm working on this pretty cool project that I will announce later....


self portrait

I just realized i haven't posted the finish of this yet. I thought about coloring it, but i like it the way it is. :)



The start of a self portrait... I've been a drawing machine lately.


New Comix!

I just finished a short for a submission. Givin' she skull a personality... I will probally color it a little later, but i think it works pretty good black and white!


New Illo for L Magazine

I just finished these illustrations for the L magazine. I made 12 cards of potential cabinet members. More ink with digital color.


Gowanus Studio Tours!

I will be participating in AGAST, Annual Gowanus Artist Studio Tour, with the Gowanus Studio Space. Its this weekend, October 18th and 19th. I'll have all my recent work up so come say hello! Plus on Sunday we are having a sidewalk bar-b-que! More info right over here!


New Illustration

I just finished this illustration for LI Pulse. I've been playing around with digital coloring. I'm not sure if i have it down yet, but i thought this came out good. The article was about veganism.


Uber white

Please excuse my backwards photobooth picture!

I've discovered a really great way to fix mistakes when inking. I keep leftover white rapidiograph ink dry in the the little palette pot and when i need to white-out a mistake i mix some fresh rapido ink in with the dried crusties! It makes a super opague cover up. yeah!


I've been playing about with digital coloring. Mostly web banners for Skelecore. Check it out!


New Drawings

I did some new pen and ink drawings for this new coloring book quarterly called Colorink. You can check them out here!I think the first issues are to come out in November.

I'm really happy with this new pen and ink styled i've been working with. I think i might make these into a notecard set or something nice like that. Check out the other 2!


Chumby Wumby

I just finished up this custom chumby. Whats a chumby? Its like an rss feeder/clock radio/bean bag. Its pretty fun stuff.
You can check out what chumby is all about here.

More pictures on my Flickr page. I'll have more/better pictures soon.


Places where you can see my work

So it seems I'm a little all over the place these days... Heres a list of places where you can see some of my paintings up and buy things. I'll be updating this list regularly!

Lady of the Sea and The Death of Winter are up on display at Rebar in DUMBO. I think they are up there for the rest of the month. They are my big paintings so go take a look!

My painting for Panorama 3, Mara, is up at the Jonathon Levine Gallery till October 4th.

Check out Fresthetic out in bushwack/williamsburg. I have the paintings Feeding Habits and Natural Habitat up on display and for sale, as well as some gilcee prints, zines and a few singed Chupas. Its a pretty neat little store and they print some sweet tee shirts. Baraklyn!



New painting! My contribution to The Panorama Project 3 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery! 134 artists, 1 continuous piece. Opening reception is on Saturday, September 6th from 7-9 pm.



Pictures from the El Chupacabra signing are up on my flickr page! Thanks to Nick and Dave from KR for taking pictures!

Also, the ghost edition is now SOLD OUT on the kidrobot store, but you can still get it on Skelecore!