Tattoo Travelin'

Tattoo 'Vision Quest'

The Chicago Renegade Craft Fair is just the first stop on an epic adventure I am coining the Vision Quest. This September, my BFF, Sara Fitz, and I are heading out to see America from the vantage point of a small car. I will be learning to drive standard and tattooing along the way!

Here is a timeline of where we will be and where I will be guest tattooing.

Chicago - September 5 + 6
Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Wicker Park
1935 ½ N Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 645-1703

Santa Fe - September 18 + 19
Lost Cowboy Tattoo and Gallery

411 W Water St
Santa Fe NM 87501
(505) 983-6928

New Orleans - September 23 + 24
Pigment Tattoo

3328 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 891-0006

Atlanta + Richmond

Shop to be determined, but if you are interested in getting something, just shoot me and email and I'll keep ya updated.

Along the way we will be stopping near Mt Rushmore, northwestern Montana, Denver, CO, Richmond VA and Baltimore, MD. Feel free to send me recommendations for your favorite punk rock dive or roadside attraction I might encounter along the way. Its going to be quite the adventure and I will definitely be posting lots of stuff on Instagram (@sara_antoinette_martin) , so be sure to follow along!

For appointments please email sara.antoinette@gmail.com. Please include a description of the image you would like, where you would like it tattooed on your body and roughly the size you would like the tattoo to be.

For examples of my work, tattoos I have done, flash, 'Tattoos I Wanna Do' I, and all the paintings I have been working on you can check it all out on Facebook. (all the portfolio art stuff is public).

I also post tattoo designs on Instagram all the time.  Follow me @sara_antoinette_martin!!
I'll be back home October 1st, tattooing away at Timmy Tattoo!
Timmy Tattoos
394 New York Ave
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 425-1556

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

It has been a while since you have heard from me, I know. These days, I have been focusing my efforts and attention on tattooin', but September is going to be super awesome! Here's whats going on:

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago! 

September 7th and 8th you can find me and my little pop-up gallery, The Skelecore Tiny Gallery of Micro Art, at Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair. Look for booth number 60, near the bathrooms!

This year I will be selling, framed, original tiny paintings all under $100. Most will be priced $20-$60.

For a preview of what will be available for sale at the fair follow me on Instagram @sara_antoinette_martin and/or search for the hash tag #skelecoretinygalleryofmicroart on Instagram.
These paintings will only be available at the Renegade Craft Fair. They will not be available for sale online, so come on out and pick out your favorite!

There will be new prints available for sale, including:

Lady of the Bridge - 12" x 16" on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper, signed and editioned, $60.

Barf Skull - 9" x 13" on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper, signed and editioned, $30.

Griffin and Swan mini giclée prints. Printed on Hahnemuhle Sugarcane paper and only $10 each.

There will also be t-shirts available, including the Lady Cthulhu design on tank tops, boat necks, short sleeves and thermals.

For more information about the Renegade Craft Fair visit their website at www.renegadecraft.com

You can find the Skelecore Tiny Gallery of Micro Art at booth#60!