New Comix!

I just finished a short for a submission. Givin' she skull a personality... I will probally color it a little later, but i think it works pretty good black and white!


New Illo for L Magazine

I just finished these illustrations for the L magazine. I made 12 cards of potential cabinet members. More ink with digital color.


Gowanus Studio Tours!

I will be participating in AGAST, Annual Gowanus Artist Studio Tour, with the Gowanus Studio Space. Its this weekend, October 18th and 19th. I'll have all my recent work up so come say hello! Plus on Sunday we are having a sidewalk bar-b-que! More info right over here!


New Illustration

I just finished this illustration for LI Pulse. I've been playing around with digital coloring. I'm not sure if i have it down yet, but i thought this came out good. The article was about veganism.


Uber white

Please excuse my backwards photobooth picture!

I've discovered a really great way to fix mistakes when inking. I keep leftover white rapidiograph ink dry in the the little palette pot and when i need to white-out a mistake i mix some fresh rapido ink in with the dried crusties! It makes a super opague cover up. yeah!


I've been playing about with digital coloring. Mostly web banners for Skelecore. Check it out!