Playful Extremities at Giant Robot NY!

Giant Robot NY Presents:
Playful Extremities
Featuring Sara Antoinette Martin, Hellen Jo, Tran Nguyen, Louise Chen, and Sylvia Park

January 16, 2010 - February 3, 2010
Reception: Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 6:30 p.m.

Giant Robot Gallery
437 East 9th Street Between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, in the East Village
New York, New York 10009
(212) 674-GRNY (4769) | grny.net

More Info and Preview images! - Giant Robot

Giant Robot is proud to host Playful Extremities, a group show featuring new works by Louise Chen, Hellen Jo, Sara Antoinette Martin, Tran Nguyen, and Sylvia Park.

Although Louise Chen is freshly graduated from UC Santa Cruz's art program, her work is uncommonly diverse and realized. She transfers the clean, effortless lines of her etchings and woodcuts to her drawing, seamlessly inserting them into otherworldly landscapes rendered with equal craft and tremendous atmosphere.

Hellen Jo was born in Starkville, MS in 1983 and lived in Florida and New Mexico, but is firmly entrenched in Northern California, where she plays in indie bands and makes indie comics. Her style is loose but attentive--as evidenced in her full-color issues of Jin & Jam, which combine the raw humor and honesty of underground comix with the precision of alternative manga.

Brooklyn-based Sara Antoinette Martin takes familiar subjects of cryptozoology, symbols of Freemasonry, and tattoo flash art and presents them in highly graphic and surreal forms. The bold arrangement of commonly-known-but-mysterious imagery forces viewers to revisit their preconceptions about truth, legend, and aesthetics.

The surreal art of Tran Nguyen has a faded, antique look, but the subjects are timeless.The Savannah, GA-based artist depicts young, beautiful subjects in dark settings--surrounded by melancholy and/or ectoplasm, if not actually emitting them from their pores. The effect is strangely hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful.

Sylvia Park is a New York City-based artist who depicts an imperfect real world with perfect lines. Using only contours, she is able to create out hyper real scenes with depth and feeling. Her precision line work is highly effective for editorial purposes publications, but wavers just enough to convey subtle emotion and urge closer viewing in a gallery setting.


The Blood Dragon

Here is the new painting I just finished for Art Basel!

The Blood Dragon
16" x 20"
Alkyd, Acrylic and Paper on Birch Panel

This will be available at the Multiversal Show at Art Basel Miami! December 3 - 6 2009
More Info: http://www.multiversalgroupshow.com/

Just to note, 'Blood Dragon' is a vague alchemy reference and refers to the green crystal. But you know, its all open to interpretation.

There are some details below and you can check out my Flickr page for more in-progress shots!


Multiversal at Art Basel Miami!

I will be at Art Basel Miami this year! I'm a part of round 2 of the Feminality Show and Multiversal Group Show. This event will be pretty big with a ton of artists.
All of the information on Multiversal and Feminality can be found right here: Multiversal

Art Basel takes place December 3rd - 6th all over Miami.

I'm just finishing up a brand new painting for the exhibit. You can check out some in progress shots up on flickr!



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Illustration Now! 3

I have two double page spreads in Taschen's Illustration Now! 3 Pretty awesome! Also in this edition is my former roommate Ilana Kohn. Congrats Ilana!

The latest volume Illustration Now! presents a completely new selection of 150 illustrators from around the world. A fascinating mix of established master draftsmen and neophytes, working in a vast range of techniques, Illustration Now! Vol. 3 features illustrators from 30 countries, with information about their careers, and lists of selected exhibitions. Also included is an introduction by specialist Steven Heller on current trends in the field.

More Info: Taschen


New interview in my hat!

I have an interview in number 61 of Tattoo Life, an Italian tattoo magazine. It's my very first interview in print! And check out THAT on the cover!

Scroll down to read the transcribed interview. I'm especially a fan of the first paragraph... Better scans coming soon...

Who's Who: Sara Antoinette Martin
By Margherita Baleni

Welcome aboard: Sara's imaginary is ready to fly!

An eclectic american artist, versatile and with thousands of artistic sides, Sara Antoinette loves to play with her imaginary, botanical illustrations, religious icons and alchemic symbols all end up in her hat. You want to see what comes out! Flip through these pages and you will be conquered by her fun and original creations on canvas... but not only.

Your influences range from pop to rock, to tattoos, and what else?
I take a lot of influence from folk art (especially mexican folk art), Byzantine icons, and most recently Dutch paintings from the Renaissance. I love botanical illustrations. I'm also really into "symbols" - elements used by the free masons, old alchemy and occult images, and anything else I think look interesting. I like to mix them up and see what comes out. I almost never use a symbol in its traditional form so it takes on a different meaning.

How do you create your works? Do you think pictorial 'collage' is the right definition?
Yeah most people don't realize it , but my work is actually collage. When I start a new paintings, I will make a finished sketch, scan it into the computer and break apart the elements that I want to paint separately. Then I transfer it to Strathmore 500 paper and paint all the elements separately. I will collage it all back together on a piece of wooden panel and add all the patterns and other embellishments.

Has tattoo art had must influence on your work?
Yes. I really love the look of traditional tattoo art. The way the designs are super flat and graphic. Sometimes I even reference the art on my skin to see how something is rendered!

And do you have any tattoos?
Yes I have a few on my arms and chest. I have a big one that covers most of my thigh done by Eli Quinters. Its a squid versus a whale under a ship in a thunderstorm. Epic.

Has your style always been like this, or has it gone through an aesthetic or conceptual development?
I am always pushing myself to get better at painting and drawing. I've found myself rendering things more realistically with each painting and I get better at line work with each drawing.

How important is femininity to you and how much does it appear in your work?
Femininity is very important. All of my paintings have an element of femininity, I am a girl after all... I see a lot of female artists today over sexualize childlike waifs and call them empowered with expressing sexuality. I want to paint my ladies with ugly humanity and make it pretty. They are the survivors within us, bearing themselves to the world and sharing their vulnerability.

You have already participated at various artistic and editorial projects. Which were the most important?
They are all important. I try to make each project count, taking one step further until I 'make it'. One of the most importatn would probably be the Chupacabra toy I made with Kidrobot.

Can you describe your picture apathy? Can you describe its symbolic aspects?
My paintings are ment to be open for interpretation. I like to mix up symbols to create new meaning and illustrate and emotion. Sometime I just have 'leftovers' and I'll put them together for purely aestetic reasons. Apathy is proudly indifferent. Keep watch and feel nothing.  Detachment is the key to happiness.

Would you like to add anything else for our readers?
I'm in a big deal group show coming up at the Last Rites Gallery in NYC called New Breed, which I am pretty excited about. It you like my work, please find me on the internet! I have plenty of prints available in my webstore.


Golden Age

Curated in part by my good buddy Dan from Pretty Picture Movement!

Golden Age
November 13th - November 22nd
Opening reception: Friday, November 13th 8-11 PM

New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street,Unit 1
Los Angeles,CA 90065

New Paintings and Installation by Dabs and Myla plus a special group show curated by Dabs, Myla, and Dan Levy featuring:
Greg Craola Simkins, Luke Cheuh, Jersey Joe Rime, The Witness, Pursue, Logan Hicks, Paul Chatern, Sergio Hernandez, Cat Cult, Anne Faith Nicholls, Jacob Arden McClure, Sara Antoinette Martin, Honkey Kong, Peekaboo Monster, Daryll Peirce, Peat Wollaeger, L Croskey, Asylm, Buff Monster, Evan McEneaney, Jorge Macswiney, Jeremiah Garcia, Josh Hart, Phil Lumbang

I am 90% flying out to LA for this. Plus there will be free ice cream!

Feminality at the Hive Gallery

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Hive Gallery
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA.

The first “Feminality” event will display the works of some of the most talented female artists of their generation. The location for the premiere event will be held at the very established and well-known Hive Gallery in downtown Los Angeles and will happen on Saturday, November 21st. Uber popular Tara McPherson will be headlining and will be painting a floor-to-ceiling mural live during the show.
Participating artists include: Tara Hauck, Rudy Fig, Natalie Shau, Molly Crabapple, Cate Rangel, Edith Lebeau, Arabella Proffer-Vendetta, Ashleigh Fedo, Sara Antoinette Martin, Kelly McKernan, Noir Nouar, Elodie aka LostFish, Megan Frauenhoffer, Christen Kojnok, Ritzy Periwinkle, Zoe Lacchei and Cassie Williams aka Kazilla.


New Painting! New Print!

This is the painting for the Halloween show at MF Gallery
The Great Pumpkin
8.25" x 7.75"
Alkyd, Acrylic, and Paper on Cigar Box Lid

If you are interested in purchasing the original, please contact MF Gallery

I am also releasing it as a super limited print! Just in time for Halloween!
"The Great Pumpkin" giclee print is 10" x 9.5" and printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 gsm Etching paper with archival pigmented ink.
Its printed on paper with bamboo fibers, making it green! Limited to only 20!

Pick it up from Skelecore! or there will be a couple available through MF.


Illustration of Lux Interior

New illustration for Royal Flush! I got to do a portrait of one of my favorite punk rockers, Lux Interior! Check out the spread below.
You can order a copy of the new Royal Flush right here!


Releases and Specials for APE in San Francisco!

I've been working on some really great new things to bring to APE (Alternative Press Fair in San Francisco)!
Booth #219!

I've made 2 new prints and I will be bring my very last Chupacabras, including one Ghost Edition!

Goldfish Limited Edition Giclee Print
13" x 13" and printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 gsm Etching paper with archival pigmented ink.
This is a beautiful giclee reproduction of my "Goldfish" painting. Its printed on paper with bamboo fibers, making it green! Signed, numbered and limited to only 40!

Unstoppable Limited Edition Serigraph
15" x 22" one color serigraph on warm tone Stonehenge printmaking paper. With deckle edges! (The edges are torn and not cut. Its the kind of detail that I love!) Signed, numbered and limited edition of 25.
This is my first try printing one of my drawings. If it all goes well I'll definitely be doing more of them!

*Prints are available for pre-order on Skelecore. They ship after October 24th.

I will have my very last Chupacabras at my table and I plan on holding a raffle! 2 regular editions and 1 ghost edition. Come by the table to get the details!

More about APE
I will be at booth #219!

Saturday, Oct. 17 - 11am - 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 18 - 11am - 6pm
The Concourse
620 7th Street
San Francisco

Halloween Show at MF Gallery!

Opening Party / Halloween Costume Party: Saturday October 24th, 7-10PM
MF Gallery: 213 Bond Street Brooklyn NY

I am making a new painting for this show! Halloween is my favorite holiday. :)


3 Eyed Elixir

Heres a quick picture of the custom 40oz I painted for a show at Empire State Studios.
3 Eyed Elixir

It will be on display for another month or two. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact Empire State Studios.

MORE INFO: Empire State Studios


Infectious Media Skins

I almost forgot to post about this! I recently made these laptop/iPod/iPhone/ect skins.
Available from Infectious!





MORE INFO: Suckadelic

This is also the closing party for the show of custom Sucklords! As seen here!
Here are some of the my sketch cards that will be up for auction. Don't you love my wookies?

40oz of Art

40oz of Art
October 3rd at Empire State Studios
a show of custom forties!
Opening reception at 7pm.

Empire State Studios
222 Merrick Rd
Oceanside, NY 11572

MORE INFO: Empire State


Alternative Press Expo!

I will be at this year's APE con in San Francisco! I'm really excited since I've never been to SF. I'll be in town for about a week to go to galleries and hang out.

Booth #219
More details coming soon with print releases and fun stuff like that.



Custom Gibson Melody Maker

I just finished up a custom hand painted guitar for Music Saves Lives.
It still has to get all the hardware put back on, but when it is finished I'll post more pictures.

More pictures on flickr!

More info on Music Saves Lives and their guitar projects here!

SeaRobber Custom Sucklord

Here is my custom Sucklord 600 for the SUCKADELIC GROUP SUCKOFF 2 at APW gallery.
More pictures on Flickr!

SEPTEMBER 4 2009. 6-9 PM

MORE INFO: Suckadelic


Art Sale!!!

Its time to clean out my archives!
I've dug out a bunch of original artwork that has been sitting around and I'm selling it off to raise some money for San Francisco and making new prints for APE con.

There is a bunch of older student work, lots of original drawings and even some paintings from around 2005 -2006. Everything is priced to sell!

Everything Ships USPS Priority Mail

To purchase, just head on over to SKELECORE!!

Student Work

I Have a Date
8" x 8", alkyd and acrylic on chipboard

Tentacle Girl
5.5" x 8.5", alkyd and acrylic on paper

4" x 5.5", alkyd and acrylic on paper

Save the Mosquito
9" x 14", alkyd and acrylic on chipboard

El Campeon (a portrait of Santo)
6" x 11", alkyd, acrylic and paper on illustration board

El Hero (a portrait of Santo)
6" x 11", alkyd, acrylic and paper on illustration board

Fish Barf
12" x 8.5", 6" x 11", alkyd and acrylic on illustration board

PTSD illustration
8" x 11.5", alkyd and acrylic on illustration board

Tree Friend
11" x 14.5", alkyd and acrylic on illustration board

Match Stick Girl
7.5" x 9", alkyd and acrylic on illustration board

You'll Cry Your Eyes Out
7.5" x 9", alkyd and acrylic on illustration board

Pen and Ink Drawings
Most of these drawings were created for illustration assignments and finished on the computer. A lot of them have blue lines under the line work or marks in the margin, but they would still look great in a frame.

All of these are pen and ink on Bristol Paper

Tulip Drawing 1
7" x 8.5", ink on bristol

Tulip Drawing 2
7" x 8.5", ink on bristol

9" x 11", ink on bristol

Vegan Justice
6" x 11", ink on bristol

Swing Smoke Girl
9" x 8.5", ink on bristol

Two Skulls
5" x 5", ink on vellum

Tattoo Hand (two pieces of bristol taped together)
6" x 11", ink on bristol

Eye hand
4" x 4.5", ink on bristol

Hand and Flowers
6" x 11", ink on bristol

4 Heads
4" x 5", ink on bristol

Stacks of Jell-O
8" x 11", ink on bristol

Mermaid and Skulls (no blue lines or marks in the margin)
10" x 13", ink on bristol

Various Molars
5" x 7.5", ink on bristol

Bug Eye (no blue lines or marks in the margin)
8.5" x 10", ink on bristol

Serpents (no blue lines or marks in the margin)
8.5" x 10", ink on bristol

Skull Rose (no blue lines or marks in the margin)
8.5" x 10", ink on bristol

12" x 16", ink on bristol

Bloody Bear Head
8" x 11", ink on bristol

Self Portrait
8" x10", ink on bristol

The following are from political tarot cards I created for the L Magazine. The article was on the presidential candidates potential cabinet members.
All are about 6" x 6", ink on bristol
$40-$20 each


Lady Head 1
5" x 5", Alkyd and Acrylic on panel
$100 - Purchase on Skelecore

Lady Head 2
5" x 5", Alkyd and Acrylic on panel
$100 - Purchase on Skelecore

Lady Head 3
5" x 5", Alkyd and Acrylic on panel
$100 - Purchase on Skelecore

Lady Head 4
5" x 5", Alkyd and Acrylic on panel
$100 - Purchase on Skelecore

Lady Head 5
5" x 5", Alkyd and Acrylic on panel
$100 - Purchase on Skelecore

Downright Despicable
3 Panels
$400 - Purchase on Skelecore

She Skull
14''x16'', alkyd & acrylic on wood panel
$400 - Purchase on Skelecore