Merry Christmas!

I made this house for my mom's christmas town. Its a balsa wood model of the house they built and just moved into.
I posted a bunch of pictures on flickr of all the food I ate over the holiday. yeah!


Chumbys Rollin' along!

I'm up to the detailing part! Its kinda my favorite part, so hopefully it should go a bit faster.
Check out more pictures on Flickr!

Fresh Produce Pictures

Photo courtesy of ©Anno Domini gallery, 2008
Fresh Produce opened last week! There are lots of pictures up on flickr here and here. It looks like there was a good turnout! I really like Ryan Bubnis's square head paintings.

They have put most of the works up for sale on-line. Maybe you'll find some last minute holiday gifts!


Recent works at Tattoo Culture

I'm proud to announce that I will be showing some recent works at Tattoo Culture on December 20th! Its a little short notice, but its going to be really great.

Sara Antoinette Martin and Richard Meyer at Tattoo Culture I'll be showing a whole bunch of recent paintings, new pen and ink drawings and there will even be some prints for sale.
The opening is on saturday, dec 20th from 7-10 pm.
Tattoo Culture
129a Roebling St.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Colorink issue 1 out now!

I just got my copy of the Color Ink Book. Its a coloring book featuring lots-o-underground artists and its only 10 bucks! You can check it out here.
I posted the drawings I did for it back here.


Oh the plan!

This is what I am painting on the Chumbys! Again, you can follow this project on flickr!

Drawing transfered

I've finally finished transfering the design on all of the Chumbys. Because Chumbys have a soft body, and the seams are all a little different, I couldn't use any tracing tools on them. I had to draw the design freehand on all 6. This is the most cumbersome part for me. The rest should go faster!

Check out more pictures of my custom-in-progress on flickr!