Golden Age

Curated in part by my good buddy Dan from Pretty Picture Movement!

Golden Age
November 13th - November 22nd
Opening reception: Friday, November 13th 8-11 PM

New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street,Unit 1
Los Angeles,CA 90065

New Paintings and Installation by Dabs and Myla plus a special group show curated by Dabs, Myla, and Dan Levy featuring:
Greg Craola Simkins, Luke Cheuh, Jersey Joe Rime, The Witness, Pursue, Logan Hicks, Paul Chatern, Sergio Hernandez, Cat Cult, Anne Faith Nicholls, Jacob Arden McClure, Sara Antoinette Martin, Honkey Kong, Peekaboo Monster, Daryll Peirce, Peat Wollaeger, L Croskey, Asylm, Buff Monster, Evan McEneaney, Jorge Macswiney, Jeremiah Garcia, Josh Hart, Phil Lumbang

I am 90% flying out to LA for this. Plus there will be free ice cream!

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