Next Project! Chumby!

Look what just arrived!
I little while ago, I posted pictures of a custom Chumby I had painted. (you can check out that post here) Whats a Chumby? Its like a clock radio/bean bag/rss feeder and more! Its better explained on the Chumby website, but you can do things like listen to pandora, read blogs, facebook, check email, play games, ect. Its definitely a fun gadget (christmas??) and exciting new platform. The people at Chumby designed their product to be easily mod-ed and encourage using chumby in creative ways, as seen on their forums and community pages.

Anyway, I am about to customize a series of 5 Chumbys that will be sold through the chumby website. I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll be documenting it right here on on my flickr page. Hopefully I will be able to even develop some of my own widgets! I'm shooting to finish these customs before Christmas.

Oh hey, this is my 100th post!

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