More progress...

So on Sunday I had to attend the big show at Hank's Saloon (I don't have any full weekends to work on this project anymore. It sucks. And adam is making me go to a mets game. Not just one, but a fucking double header. god damnit. At least its not the yankees. Those guys are douchbags. Anyway...) because Adam put it on and i made the flyer. So yeah of course i had to go. It was sort of an all day thing, but i didn't show up until 7 because i was working on the project.

So i set up a spray booth on my fire escape and i primed the bus, the clown people and i was going to do the farm animals but it started to drizzle so i brough it inside. I stained the platform that Tentacle Lady sits on (its only made of balsa wood. I love treating fake stuff like its real). Its going to get a nice layer of shellac too (cuz thats how i roll). I want to put doillies along the side, like just the edges of them. I have a bunch and i'm a big fan but theres a cake supply store right next to my job. So i went in there today hoping that they would all sorts of crazy doillies, but they didn't. I guess there is only one kind of doillie. Who knew doillies were so standardized....

Tonite, after the exterminator came and eating dinner, i started bulking out the tentacle lady frame. Its coming along nicely. I broke one of the legs of the balsa stand. Fuckin' tape. But its totally fixable.

These fucking bugs....I moved into an apartment infested with bed bugs. They were in the walls. This is another thing i have to deal with. Anyway, the exterminator came today to do a follow up, but i think i just got bit from the chair i'm sitting in....uhhg!
Living in brooklyn, I've delt with every kind of pest, but bed bugs are by far the worst. Way worse then cockroaches. Its bad because they bite you, and the bites are all welt-like and itch worse then anything. I think the bites get worse as the bug grows older. I just found a bite on my leg, but its really small. Uhg my skin is crawling.

Its 3:30 AM. I was going to ramble on about how much i like working with magic sculpt, but maybe next time. I think i'm going to get back to work.

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