COMIC CON, a recap

So its already thursday night and i'm still not recovered from comic con. All i want to do is sleep! Anyway, heres some brief coverage of the con. I have a bunch of pictures from the L Street Gallery show, so be sure to scroll down! : D

We (the kidrobot crew) arrive in San Diego without too much gripe. I slept most of the plane ride, even though i had a middle seat, which made it go pretty quickly. I sort of mastered the art of sleeping on the tray table. We checked into the hotel and head to the convention center to set up. Out hotel was basically across the street from the airport...very far from the convention center.

Here we are all set up with an untouched 6 foot high chalkboard munny.
And here i am getting that party started
They are smelly armpit monsters
Preview night ended and we had to SEARCH the gaslamp area for a place that served food after 9. Seriously what restraunt closed its kitchen at 9...

Thursday we had the craola signing at the booth and then it was off to the L street gallery! My friend Mike Barry made it out to SDCC too. I went to the con with him and some other Pratt kids last time. It was good to see him and we got some ice cream and went to the gallery. me and my lady. I was so relieved she got there in one piece. Sort of. But its only things that i would notice I suppose. Heres some other things on display. I didn't get everything, but I suppose i'm not the best documentarian. Chris Ryniak and Tristan Eaton lego creations. Micheal Uman of Intraspectacular. Sket One's Huck Gee's Brian Morris (ooo000ooo is his internet name) Dave Pursue MAD The Gonzos Jim Koch Adrew Bell Alex Pardee Thanks to Wheaty Wheat for putting on the show. I also got to meet the curator of the gallery, Nicole, who was super nice!
Heres some pictures of the Munny at the end of the convention. Me and Frankenberry After breaking down the booth we had a fancy dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was real classy when the food came out and we all took pictures of our plates. ha! So that was comic con 2006. I didn't actually finish this blog untill sunday. Thats how much i wanted to sleep all week. But after hanging out all day in the air conditioning with the heat wave outside, I think i'm finally recovered.

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