New Paintings, I Am Plastic, and general life update

I have two new paintings up at the Aiden Savoy Gallery through December 9th. Its a really great show and for a good cause.

The Aiden Savoy Gallery is located at 175 Stanton Street, New York, NY
You can check out a review of 'A piece Apart' on CultureCatch.com

I've forgotten to mention that the debatable Beasts have a double page spread in Kidrobot's 'I Am Plastic'! (Also, I am not credited, but I did take some of the pictures in that book.) Its pretty awesome. You can pick up a copy at www.Kidrobot.com

...In other news: As you can see from my last post I was apartmentless and couch surfed for a month, but now I am happily settled in Greenpoint, which I love. I moved in with my friend, Mr. Bankshot! of Bankshot! Records, and I have a huge kitchen, tin ceilings, and a nice bodega grocery where I can get fresh perogis 24 hours a day.
So for the month of October, blame 'settling in' on the lack of updates, November I was just a little lazy, but December is here and I have made a resolution to update this blog at least once a week. I'm doing a big website update with all the new paintings and a lot of inked things that are not up there.
I'm working on a banner for this bloggy blog. Does anyone know of a good blog editor? The look of this blog is pretty boring.
Also I want to make some prints of something. I might just make something new or pick something recent. I'm thinking the rocket fingers piece would make a nice print. Any input is appreciated.
I'm working on some new mini comics!
I'm trying to buckle down and really produce some stuff so check back soon!

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