Physalius and his Magical Gill Ship

So this is what i've been doing the past 2 weeks. I am the master of the 4:30 am.
Anyway i finally finished it today! I was asked to try my hand at Kidrobot's new Mini Munny Mobile and here it is.

Physalius and his Magical Gill Ship

Physalius (named after the portuguese man-o-war...totally bad ass), cruises around the ocean floor looking for treasure and pearls. He's a cold blooded killer who would do anything for spanish gold, so hide your shiney things.

Here's some more pictures:

Physalius is available for purchase. Please email me if interested.


SpiderBubble89 said...

This is amazing!! I've never seen anything like this, I love the way it came out. It's cute and strange... what's it made out of? Plaster?

Anonymous said...

Cool! Im thinking about getting my mini munny mobile for mehself. But thanks for the insparation!