Announcing Devine Lotteria!

The Gowanus Studio Space presents “Divine Lotteria” - a show of painting and mixed-media work Opening reception: Friday, June 6th, 2008 6-10pm On view: Saturday June 6 – Sunday, June 8 and June 14th - June 15th, 12-5 pm or by appointment

The Gowanus Studio Space 119 8th Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn Directions: G or F train to Smith and 9th Street, M or R to 4th Ave http://www.gowanusstudio.org/

On June 6th Sara Antoinette Martin and Damara Kaminecki will serve up a double threat of visceral, elaborate and stunningly beautiful imagery to be exhibited at the Gowanus Studio Space.

Sara's carefully crafted and collaged images of unapologetic ladies do not just draw you in, they demand the viewer's attention. Adorned in floral patterns and vintage swimsuits, they exist in a surreal world of tattoo inspired imagery, Masonic symbology, fins, gills and flowers. http://www.sara-land.net/

Damara Kaminecki collages small relief prints that have been printed on various japanese papers with her feet on her kitchen floor. For this show she has done a series called "night skies" which evoke nostalgia and whimsy inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke's poems "Nights Like These."

This is totally a huge deal. You all better show up! Also check out what damara has been working on. This show is going to be really good and I'm really getting stoked about it.
You can get directions here

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