Press for Dime Bag 3 and New Breed!

Heres a bunch of fun press links!

New Breed
All of the artwork from the show is up on the Last Rites Gallery website.
Check out photos from the opening by Steve Prue
Animal New York
Creep Machine Blog
I Want Your Skull

New Breed is up until August 30th!

Dime Bag 3
The Art Collectors Blog
AI-AP Design Arts Daily
Vulture, the art/entertainment blog for New York Magazine posted a nice little write-up on Dime Bag 3 along with a slideshow of 30 of the works.

Giant Robot has also posted photos from the opening. Go to this link and scroll down a little bit to
"Monday July 20th. GRNY Dime Bag 3 Opening Images"

All the art is online and available for purchase from their webstore.
But, if you are looking for mine, it already sold! (thanks nick!)

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