New Year / Winter / Apocalypse Tattoos

Happy New Year!  Here's a new tattoo special celebrating the coming apocalypse!  ...And some wintery stuff thrown in the mix.  
 You can get any of these sweet babies for $40 - $50 depending on size. I'll be offering these up at a discount through January.
Any of the FTW/2012s can be separated.  I will do small alterations within reason.  

I'm also currently offering discounts on lettering, so if you ever wanted some fancy script, your girlfriends name, or a bible phrase, now's the time!  

I will do any word or initials for only $50.  Phrases are $10 a letter.  It doesn't have to be the above script.  I can come up with something custom or we can lay it out on the computer. 

You can check out some the tattoos I've done on Flickr.

You can also check out some more of my apprentice flash on Flickr.
I will still tattoo from my other flash sheets for $50 - $60. 

How to get a tattoo by me:
Its always best to come down to the shop to make an appointment. I need to see where it's going and what your skin looks like.
If it's too far for you, you can email me (sara.antoinette(at)gmail.com) or call the shop and we will try and work it out.
You will need to put down a $20 deposit to make an appointment. 

I am tattooing at Brooklyn Tattoo
99 Smith Street (at Atlantic)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 643 1610
Close to the A,C,G,F,4,5 subway lines

As of right now, I am there Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  If you plan on coming down, please call ahead to make sure I am there.

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