Valentine's Day Flash

 New Flash Sheets for Valentines Day!

Valentine tattoos for the loved and broken hearted...
 You can get any of these for $60.  If your a couple or pair of friends getting matching tattoos, I will tattoo them for $50 each. 

In addition to whats shown here:
You can get custom sweethearts (two 4 letter words will fit).
Any initials in any script. 
I am willing to do some alterations within reason.

I'll be doing this flash sheet through February.  This is going to be the last of my tattoo specials so get them while they are cheap!  Oh don't you worry, I will continue to paint lots of flash and tattoo really cool tattoos on you, but for a higher rate. 

How to get a tattoo by me:
Its always best to come down to the shop to make an appointment. I need to see where it's going and what your skin looks like.
If it's too far for you, you can email me (sara.antoinette(at)gmail.com) or call the shop and we will try and work it out.
You will need to put down a $20 deposit to make an appointment. 

I am tattooing at Brooklyn Tattoo
99 Smith Street (at Atlantic)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 643 1610
Close to the A,C,G,F,4,5 subway lines

As of right now, I am there Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  If you plan on coming down, please call ahead to make sure I am there.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

you have no idea how tempted I am but I got a tiny one last year and had to wait a whole year to donate blood. I have an appt to donate on Valentine's Day. I don't want to have to wait another year again. But I hope you get tons of business - these are really beautiful, Sara!

Sara said...

Thanks Bitch Cakes! I thought i read on one of your blogs that you were done with tattoos forever.

ashley t. moran said...

oh nooo you just did those bows on my legs and now i want all of these.

Body Art said...

The wrist is nice because it is easier to move around than some parts of the body...
Tattoo Stencils Sets