Commissioned Tattoo Designs

I've been asked to create a couple of tattoo designs for people who do not live or are willing to travel to Brooklyn.  Here is one that I created for a nice guy in San Francisco.  The letters represent his wife and two children.

If you do not live in the tri-state area and are unable to travel to Brooklyn to get something actually tattooed from me, you can commission a design.  Since I am not tattooing it, I treat it as an illustration assignment. 
Rates are $150 - $400 depending on size and complexity.  You get two high res files, a stencil outline and colored illustration, to print out and bring to your reputable tattooer.  The finished design will be executed in either colored pencil or watercolor.
If you wish to purchase the finished illustration or painting, I can work that into the price.
You will be asked for half of the quoted price for a deposit.  When I finish the commission, I'll ask you for the remaining balance before sending you the files.  

I want to stress going to a reputable tattooer to get your actual tattoo.  Your tattoo will only be as good on your skin if you get it tattooed by technically skilled artist.  Don't cheap out! If you need help finding a tattooer, I may not be able to personally recommend an artist, but I'll be able to point you towards some reputable shops in your area. Of course it would be more cost effective (tattoo cost wise) to visit Brooklyn Tattoo and have me tattoo it on ya!

Email me to get a price quote and get started on your awesome tattoo!  

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